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Slipper TURM 399 kombi 91410 grau Women's Gray Mercato Centrale Firenze was the brainchild of Umberto Montano, who with Claudio Cardini launched the project that would give Florence back one of its most important locations: the first floor of the covered market in the San Lorenzo neighbourhood. The project became a reality in spring 2014, marking the 140th anniversary of the iron and glass building erected in 1874 according to a design by architect Giuseppe Mengoni – also responsible for the San Ambrogio market and the more famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.


399 Slipper Gray TURM kombi Women's 91410 grau Mercato Centrale Firenze not only revives an area of the city left deserted for many years, but fulfils an extremely relevant and necessary goal: to bring people back to a highly important and vibrant piece of Florence’s old centre, with traditional shops that give food artisans centre stage. Bread and confectionary, fresh fish, fried food and rissoles, fruit and vegetables, meats and salamis, buffalo mozzarella, cheeses, chocolate and ice cream, fresh pasta, wines, lampredotto and sandwiches: all shops are run by artisanal traders who share a passion for their craft.


Not only can you do your normal shopping, but at Mercato Centrale Firenze, you can also find 500 places to sit and enjoy wholesome fare guaranteed: all operators are committed to a high standard of quality and all dishes prepared inside the Mercato are made using only the raw materials on sale inside the Mercato itself.
All this makes Mercato Centrale Firenze the perfect place for any time of day, from 10 am until midnight.
Florence, which has always been the home of gastronomic excellence and authenticity, sees artisans and their shops take their place at the forefront of quality food.


Gray grau Women's TURM 91410 399 Slipper kombi Open daily for a unique experience in taste, history and leisure, Mercato Centrale Firenze is a large covered marketplace where authenticity, spontaneity and tradition play a leading role. Each shop is an ideal place to do your shopping and find real, honest food at the right price; the very best that Tuscany and Italy have to offer.


TURM kombi Women's Gray 91410 Slipper 399 grau Quality food today is no longer simply an option. And at Mercato Centrale Firenze we have set ourselves specific regulations so that our food is up to standard. The recipe is simple: if all our traders can guarantee their products, then those products can in turn guarantee goodness. Hence the Mercato can act as a guarantor for all those values that are part and parcel of what we consider to be an integral part of food and dining. It all begins with attention: towards the customer, the region, the environment. And it continues with special care, in terms of craftsmanship, experience and tradition. Information is the key: on the products, their characteristics, their origin and processing – from traceability to marks of quality.


91410 399 kombi TURM Women's grau Gray Slipper Quality can and must be achieved. And it is our job to make constant improvements. All dishes prepared inside the Mercato are made using the products on sale within the Mercato itself. Because we know them well, which means we don’t have to worry and therefore neither do you. But mainly because they are wholesome and good; and goodness is the genuine product of simplicity.

© Mercato Centrale di Firenze srl
399 grau Women's kombi TURM 91410 Gray Slipper
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